Website Design
creating a website on Drexel's DUNX1 server
designing a website in Frontpage
more frontpage tips
renaming a website

create html code to open a link in a new window

System / Computer
how to determine if my operating system is 32-bit or 64-bit (for Vista and XP operating systems)
install the HP Designjet 500 Printer series driver (3201 Arch studio plotter) on a personal laptop computer
install the HP Designjet 800 Printer series driver (3201 Arch studio plotter) on a personal laptop computer
Graphics and Layout
intro to photoshop 1
intro to indesign
scanning and adjusting images in photoshop
scanning images in 3201 Arch
scanning images in Nesbitt
using photoshop to create a composite drawing with layers
scanning a large drawing and piecing it together in Photoshop
Hand Drawing
two-point perspective
constructing shadows in plan and elevation



3D Modeling

sketchup 7 basics

advanced sketchup
import autocad model into sketchup
creating a 3D site model in sketchup from topography lines using the sandbox tool
export a .jpg from sketchup and adjust the file resolution for higher quality images
keeping a sketchup model organized
retrieve a sketchup backup file after a crash
converting from sketchup to 3dsmax
add texture to a 3d sketchup terrain model
use sketchover to integrate real photos with a digital model
cut sections through 3d sketchup models
create sun studies in sketchup
create an animation in sketchup with scenes
converting from sketchup to rhino (and dealing with meshes and nurbs)
Kerkythea: free software to inprove sketchup renderings
basic tools
advanced tools
intro to 3D
output and annotation of drawings
creating a PDF for plotting
fix text that appears outlined in print and preview but not in layout
create 3D flat wiremesh using union, subtract and array
create 3D curved wiremesh using union, subtract and radial array
plot with hidden lines
retrieve an AutoCAD backup file after a crash
create a radial array
create an individual thicker line without creating a new plot style (ie for ground line)
import raster image or jpg
xref / using JPG as an underlay
explode polylines and create polylines from line segments



Overview of tutorials:
scroll down to view all tutorials by topic
AutoCAD Computer Crash
Dreamweaver Graphics & Layout
Frontpage Plotting
InDesign Website Design
Photoshop System / Computer
SketchUp & 3DsMax Hand Drawing

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