Week Assignment Resources
1 P1A1 - Drawing with Light (in class)
Begin Online Illustrated Journa

website set-up
website design

2 P1A2 - Detail Drawing Observation  

P1A3 - Diagramming (in class)
P1A4 Projecting Shade and Shadows

Library Plan
Library Section

4 P1A5 - Rendering Shade and Shadow Shadow Construction
5 P2A1 - Sketching with a Viewfinder
Online Illustrated Journal Mid-Review
6 P2A2 - Rendering with Cross Hatching Piranesi
7 P3A1 - Representing Materiality  
8 P3A2 - Color and Material Palette and Observation Drawings Skirkanich Hall Article
9 P3A4 - Color Rendering with Shade and Shadow  
10 Complete All Work
Present Online Illustrated Journal
Tues/Thurs 2:00-4:50pm
3201 Arch Studio
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Instructor, Director of Instruction in Representation . 3201 Arch Street, Suite 110, Philadelphia . Phone: 215-895-0208 . Email: LKM@Drexel.edu



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